Equipment :

LARSA supplies the most up-to-date security equipment and technical devices to enable personnel to properly respond to any threats

such as high-end vehicles and high-speed communication devices, as well as high-resolution cameras, metal and explosives detectors, and more.

Our Services :

The services of the LARSA company are not restricted to specific measures; LARSA also has the ability to provide custom services that are adapted to individual circumstances and clients, such as security measures, plans, equipment, safeguards, and the target location, All of these factors and characteristics can be thoroughly optimized to the extent that they do not conflict with any of LARSA's customers' objectives, while still ensuring state of the art security.

Mobile security services

Security Consultancy and security plan design

Guarding Stationary sites

Electronic ACS and CCTV systems

Training Services

Aviation Security Services (AVSEC)

Transportation of assets

Risk analysis and Threats assessment

Project Management

Providing custom services

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